2018 Nina M. Jackson Community Impact Award Recipient:

Mrs. Melody Earle

2018 Nina M. Jackson Community Impact Award Recipient:

Delta Sigma Theta Sorotity, Inc.

2016 Nina M. Jackson Community Impact Award Recipient:

"Keen Group"

logo_keengroupThe KEEN Group, is a 17 year old non-profit organization that is dedicated to the economic and social revitalization of Southeast Fort Worth, Texas.  Historically, the KEEN GROUP has led community improvement efforts such as creating affordable housing for low income families to increase home ownership rates and value in our community.  The KEEN Group has assisted the Fort Worth Police Department in reducing prostitution, drug related crimes, and gang activity in the Southside of Fort Worth.  And for more than 10 years, KEEN has leveraged resources for community based agencies, neighborhood associations and youth organizations.

KEEN stands for the Kids Environmental Education Network.  Through three groundbreaking projects, the KEEN Group has brought environmental education, healthy activities and the arts to deserving low-income youth.  We provide childhood education programs that are designed to help families make healthy choices, to understand the environment and discover the arts through nature activities.  Proper nutrition is critical to good health but healthy eating is only one piece of the puzzle.  Studies show children who are not connected to nature or play outside more than thirty minutes a day perform poorly in school and suffer from mental delays and obesity.

The Keen Group offers easy program choices for families and children.  Our initiatives are designed to help children take action to combat obesity, re-connect with nature and the environment; and obtain the tools to live healthy lives.  The Keen Group aims to increase physical activity in all segments of the urban population.  Our donors, volunteers and sponsors enable us to offer access to health care, nutrition training and outdoor resources low-income youth need to live healthy, active and environmentally friendly lives.  Through our network, organizations are working together to change our communities in ways that will enable every American to be sufficiently physically active, manage their health, discover how the healing power of the arts, connecting with nature and making healthier food choices can truly make a positive difference.

To learn more about this organization visit: www.keengroup.org

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