Lives filled with physical, emotional, mental & spiritual good health. Each person must take personal responsibility to live a lifestyle which supports this vision. We, as African Americans, must work together to achieve our vision as a people. Your participation in the 2016 African American Health Expo is one way to help achieve this vision. You will become aware of the many programs and services which help us. There are screenings provided so you can become aware of any illnesses which will negatively impact our vision. Our deep appreciation is extended to the many agencies which are participating in this expo. The list in being updated so you can contact them. We also thank the many sponsors who contribute to make this expo possible. We thank you for taking time to come and experience the AAHExpo. We hope you will come each year. Invite all friends and bring all your loved ones. Our vision is clear and it is for each of us.

“Total Health & Wellness”

The AAHExpo is a highly anticipated yearly event that brings together various organizations and communities in and around Fort Worth to address the need for education, early detection, prevention, treatment and access to community resources. As a resource for “Total Health & Wellness” the AAHExpo educates on the many issues that impact African American/Black communities serving as a bridge between knowledge and access barriers. We accomplish this each year by serving as a meeting place to foster awareness as well as access to important information that encourages and supports positive lifestyle decisions. Our purpose is rooted in our desire to facilitate a reduction in the health differences that divide our communities.


Please help us welcome our Chairs for the 2016 African American Health Expo!

Dr. Sandy-Asari Hogan, MPH, CHES, CPH

Chair, 2016

Dr. Hogan is the Director of Program Services for the March of Dimes in Fort Worth.   Sandy has a deep passion for public health, community empowerment and capacity building. She has served as a volunteer with the AAHEXPO for 6 years.



Jonathan Morrison, MBA

Jonathan Morrison, MBA

Co-Chair, 2016

Jonathan is the Vice President of the Historic Rosedale Park Neighborhood Association. A passionate community advocate and consultant, Mr. Morrison provides small business and entrepreneurial consulting to the under privileged and economically disadvantaged in DFW. He has volunteered with the AAHEXPO for 2 years.

Tann Gardner, MPA

Tann Gardner, MPA

Immediate Past Chair, 2015

Tann is a dedicated and effective health Administrator with TruCare Personal Care Services, LLC. TruCare PCS provides quality and timely, non-medical in-home care services for the disabled and the elderly. She has served as a volunteer for 7 years with the AAHEXPO. For more information
see: www.facebook.com/trucarepcs