OUR EVENT DATE - April 9th, 2016

- April 9th, 2016 - The African American Health Expo will be celebrating our 16th Annual Event. Click the flyer to the right. ----->

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Our vision is clear to lead lives of total health and wellness. Lives filled with physical, emotional, mental & spiritual good health. Each person must take personal responsibility to live a lifestyle which supports this vision. We, as African Americans, must work together to achieve our vision as a people.


Your participation in the 2016 African American Health Expo is one way to help achieve this vision. You will become aware of the many programs and services which help us. There are screenings provided so you can become aware of any illnesses which will negatively impact our vision.


 We thank you for taking time to come to this expo.  Our deep appreciation is extended to the many Volunteers, Agencies, and Sponsors that participate each year.  Invite friends and bring your loved ones.  This event could not be possible without you.


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Our Belief is that if you teach a community how to choose healthy foods and exercise properly through education, the community will thrive and flourish.  Families will be healthier, bonds will be stronger, and communities will be more productive.